Cancellation and refund policy

The cancellation and refund of Fees to the User(s) shall be subject to the Cancellation and Refund Policy of each course. If not mentioned specifically in the individual course description/ refund policy the below mentioned refund policy will be applicable.

A. Cancellation and Refund Policy for LIVE Courses

You can decide to cancel your subscription to the Course purchased in LITKIDS at any time during the duration of the Course. If you opt to cancel your subscription, The company will refund an amount equal to the subscription fees proportionate to the remaining sessions of the Course after factoring in discounts / promotional offers availed at the time of purchase. Such amount will be refunded by the company within a period of 45 business days from the date of receiving an intimation of cancellation. For requesting a cancellation, you must contact LITKIDS customer care or address an email to litkidsindia@gmail.com . Once you opt to cancel your subscription, you will no longer have access to the Course.

The User agrees and acknowledges that the company reserves all the right to decide on the refund amount in its sole discretion.

B. Cancellation and Refund Policy for VOD / short courses 

The company, does not provide a refund of the subscription fees paid for any VOD workshop purchased – if the workshop is chargeable. Once the subscription fees for the VOD workshop is paid, your subscription for the VOD workshop will be final and cannot be cancelled under any circumstances.

C. Cancellation and Refund Policy for Competition or Talent Management Service
Competitions and talent management service fees are not refundable