Power of Writing




To survive, you must tell stories. Tell your stories through the art of writing!


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Course highlights:

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Recommended age:

6 – 16 years

What you'll learn

  • Story writing
  • Script writing
  • Story boarding
  • Conveying the message behind your story

Requirements of this course

  • Pen
  • Paper

Benefits of this course

  • Helps you improve your perspective
  • Will help you write inspirational content
  • You will be able to stockpile ideas

Course best suited for

  • Those who want to convey a message through their writing
  • Those interested to impact audience through their story
  • Those interested in writing

Course Description

Writing is a talent that not everyone has a benefit of knowing from the time of birth. But that can be changed when you have something impactful or inspirational message to convey to people, because at that time you have a clear story in your head that you want to convey.

More benefits of writings are –

  • You get to change point of view
  • Get to write for a cause
  • Help to improve your verbal and written skills

Pen is mightier than the sword – Edward Lytton 

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