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India's largest online talent hunt for kids!

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Rs.500/- per entry







Shooting Instructions:
• Video – to be strictly shot in a horizontal mode only. Vertical entries will not be accepted
• Light - Ensure there is sufficient front light (light on the contestant’s face)
• Audio - needs to be loud and clear, no background noise and stay close to camera if you are
not using a mic (ear phone with mic is also ok)



• Entries without the form will not be considered valid

For individual entries:
• Fill in the required details in the student registration form and make the payment
• Entry fee: Rs.100
• Payment can be made via Google pay or PayTM on the number shared below:
+91 98203 10017
• Take a screenshot of payment

For entries from LITKIDS Partner School students:
• Fill in the required details in the student registration form provided by your school



You can upload your entry directly via the form if it is below 500 MB.

If for any reason you are unable to upload, you can send us a WeTransfer link on
How to upload on WeTransfer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmzMsSCKj4E


LITKIDS Open Mic Season 5 is an online talent hunt exclusively for kids

• The contest is open to all school going kids
• Multiple entries are allowed from one individual in same competition as well as different
• Each entry be of any duration (between 3 to 5 minutes preferable)
• Entries can be in any language
• It is a solo event
• Entry fee – Rs. 500/- per entry
• The contest is FREE for all students of LITKIDS partner schools. Find out from your school if they
have registered with LITKIDS. Call us on +91 98203 10017
• If your school is already registered with us, please fill the participant registration form and use
the promo code shared by your school to submit your free entry

Competition details:

1. Singing - any song with/without background music. Any language. Perform an original song or your version of an existing song
2. Instrumental – can be any musical instrument. Perform an original piece or your version of an existing piece
3. Acting - Participants can enact a sequence of their choice from a movie, play, book, etc. Can be mimicry or mime as well
4. Elocution – the participant can speak on any topic or recite a popular speech or poem. Mention the theme and why you chose it
5. Poetry Slam – Poem must be original – written and recited by the participant
6. Storytelling – Recite a story (existing or original) with expressions, props, costumes, etc.
7. Your View - Participants can review any book, film, show, article, etc. of their choice. Mention the source / book / author. Cover as many aspects as you can and give your opinion about it. Mention what you liked / disliked about it. You could even rate it
8. Nursery Rhymes – Recite your favorite rhyme in an interesting way. Use expressions, props, costumes or anything else you want to enhance your performance
9. Dress-up –Dress up as your favorite character from a book, film, history or real life. Use props. Say a few lines as that character
10. Mixed Bag - An open category to showcase a talent other than the ones mentioned above. It can be any talent of your choice.

Judgment criteria:

• Judges evaluation - Overall performance, Personality & Stage Presence, Originality, Presentation (50% weightage)
• Audience Appeal – Judged by number of likes, views and comments by subscribed members on the video uploaded on our official YouTube channel -www.youtube.com/litkidsindia (50% weightage)
• Any entry not following the competition rules mentioned above will be disqualified


Winners get a chance to

• Get managed by LITKIDS as talent
• Feature on a LITKIDS show
• Perform at a live event
• All participants get certificates


1. By submitting the entry, the contestants give full right of the usage of content on any platform as deemed suitable by the organizers
2. The person sending the video is the contestant itself or an authorized representative of the contestant
3. The entry is the original work / performance of the participant and there is no plagiarism (copy, theft, lift) of any kind
4. Once the video entry is uploaded, it cannot be changed
5. Entry fee for solo participants is Rs.100 (per entry) and fee once paid will not be refunded
6. Promoting the entry and getting public votes will be participant’s responsibility. Some suggested ways
- Share the video link across your network of people and on various social media channels
- Post the video link on other social media accounts to get more likes
- Forward the video link on WhatsApp and mails
7. Results will be announced on our official YouTube channel
8. Number of winners will depend on the number of entries received and judge’s discretion
9. All decisions taken by judges and organizers are final and competition result cannot be changed
10. All decisions will be taken impartially and without any bias. Winner will be selected on merit and
ability along with public support
11. Organizers reserve the right to cancel, modify, extend or withdraw the contest at its sole and
absolute discretion
12. Participants indulging in unfair means or foul play will be disqualified
13. The contest shall be adjudged by the organizer and the decision of the organizer will be final and binding with regards to any dispute arising out of the contest will be non-contestable. No correspondence will be entertained in this regard.

Queries if any must be emailed to litkidsindia@gmail.com

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