Microsoft Excel For Kids



A software that always comes in handy no matter the profession, get excel-lent with this course!


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Rs.500/- per session

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Course highlights:

10 lessons

Lifetime access

Access on multiple screens

Certificate on completion

Recommended age:

6 – 16 years

What you'll learn

  • Basics of Excel
  • Tricks and hacks of the software
  • Data organization skills

Requirements of this course

  • Device with excel software downloaded
  • Basic stationary for noting
  • Interest in learning about new softwares

Benefits of this course

  • Learning data mining
  • Organizing and sorting huge data
  • Making useful interpretations
  • Enhances learning skills
  • Learning how data is visualized

Course best suited for

  • Math, accounts, statistics enthusiasts
  • Anyone and everyone who deals with any kind of data

Course Description

Excel is one of the most widely used softwares in existence, there is not a single profession that does not deal with data. Be it listing, inventories, tab-keeping, budgeting, etc. Excel makes it easier to manage large amounts of data and makes achieving your objective easier. 

Children indulging this software at a young age has versatile benefits such as :

  • Bettering mathematical and logical skills
  • Imbibing the quality of organization
  • A systematic approach towards problems and planning
  • Equipped with prior knowledge that can be applied to future projects
  • Converting raw data into meaningful information
  • Performing calculations faster

Explained in a simplistic manner and loaded with tricks and hacks, this course is a great introduction to softwares and a fun way to learn something new that will soon prove useful.

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