Introduction to Bharatnatyam



Learn the artform that originated in the temples of Tamil Nadu, embrace the classical spirit in you!


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Rs.500/- per session

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Course highlights:

15 lessons

Lifetime access

Access on multiple screens

Certificate on completion

Recommended age:

6 – 16 years

What you'll learn

  • Basics of Bharatnatyam
  • The different hand symbols required in the dance form
  •  The various positions crucial to performing bharatnatyam
  • Exercises that enhance muscle control

Requirements of this course

  • Space designated to allow dancers to move
  • An interest in classical dancing
  • An interest in learning new styles

Benefits of this course

  • Improved posture
  • Better muscle control
  • Insight on classical dance styles
  • Improved body language

Course best suited for

  • Students who have an interest in classical dancing
  • Students interested in learning new styles

Course Description

Bharatnatyam is an all encompassing dance form that covers everything from tricky postures, endless hand symbols and gestures to extremely affective facial expressions that help a dancer’s overall performance and can be applied to any style they wish to learn there after.
A popularly sought after dance form such as this one teaches one not only how culturally rich a style can be, but also helps improve aspects that may not be dance related such as:

– Bettering posture
– Imbibing grace into body language
– Confidence boosting
– Helps with bringing expression into your performances

This course brings you a wonderful introduction to the world of Bharatanatyam dancing and helps you experiment with varied movements when dancing to see what suits you best!

This course breaks down the various steps of editing in order to equip you with complete knowledge, get ready to impress viewers with your new-found skills!

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