How to win Spell Bee Competitions



The ultimate guide to immerse yourself in the world of spell bee, how to prepare for one, and how to win it too!


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Course highlights:

15 lessons

Lifetime access

Access on multiple screens

Certificate on completion

Recommended age:

6 – 16 years

What you'll learn

  • The structure of various spelling bee competitions
  • How to make a word-bank and why it matters
  • Speech and pronunciation
  • Phonemes – introduction and significance
  • Root words – what they mean, why they matter
  • Multiple engaging exercises
  • Tips and hacks to be a spell bee champ!

Requirements of this course

  • Basic stationary – pen, notebook.
  • A dictionary.
  • Basic command over the English language

Benefits of this course

  • Spelling and pronunciation enhancement
  • Confidence boosting
  • Provides clarity with a step by step guide to spell bee preparation
  • Excel at language proficiency
  • Trains you for other vocabulary-based competitions/quizzes
  • Improves the overall command on the English language

Course best suited for

  • Anyone with a knack for spellings and vocabulary
  • People wanting to participate in spell bee competitions
  • Anyone looking to improve their language proficiency
  • Champs in the making!

Course Description

Winning a spelling contest is not just about knowing the words and memorizing the dictionary. While children who are avid readers and who show skills in writing and reading comprehension usually do well, the most successful competitive spellers have identified some effective “tricks of the trade” that have helped them achieve desirable prize in spelling.


This course takes you through the basics of preparing for a spelling competition and introduces you to some of the most amazing hacks that can give you an advantage over your competitors. 

Another thing explained elaborately is the SPELL method, which stands for –

S – Structure of your spelling competition
P – Putting together a personalised word-list

E – Examine parts of speech

L – Language of origin

L – Love being a word-venger!


The course also talks about some of the most prestigious spelling competitions in India, their structure and how to specifically prepare for them. 

It teaches principles and methods that you can apply today.

  • Learn what makes a great speller!
  • Discover various resources to help your spelling skills.
  • Learn 5 hacks to become a spelling champion.
  • Create personalized wordlists using proven techniques.
  • Bring glory to your school by winning prestigious national and international competitions with our lesson plan to be the next spelling champion.

Become the next spell master with this complete course!

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