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Make it as realistic as you can, by letting your act flow!


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Course highlights:

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Recommended age:

6 – 16 years

What you'll learn

  • Thought of a character/ knowing your character
  • To adapt based on the medium
  • Being confident
  • To lose your inhibitions

Requirements of this course

  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Script

Benefits of this course

  • Learning nuances and mannerism
  • To be in the moment
  • Ways to adapt to any environment
  • To let loose
  • Increases your reading habit

Course best suited for

  • Those interested in acting
  • Students who want to learn drama
  • Those who want to create future in acting

Course Description

Acting, is an art that express people’s emotion through story. The scope of acting has increased and reached various mediums. From drama performances to OTT platforms acting has reached heights. Acting needs much skill as a person has to learn all the qualities of a character.

More benefits of acting are –

  • It let’s you express yourself through someone else’s story
  • You learn several qualities
  • You meet new people
  • Voice modulation

Take people on the journey with you, be an actor now!

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