Learning beyond academics!

Learning, by definition; is knowledge acquired through study, experience, or being taught. In the swiftly flowing process of growing and ageing – we often overlook the fact that each individual has learning needs/styles particular to their development. Factors like environment, personality development, social relationships, etc play a large role in how effectively a child learns and grasps content.

While a formal education is of importance, it is definitely not the only thing required to lead a comfortable and successful life. The concept of holistic learning employs the idea that the all-round development of a kid includes academic, personal, spiritual, emotional, as well as non-academic growth. To clarify, a child’s potential is a matter of their natural inclination mixed with the resources provided to pursue it.

Being recognised for a talent and putting in the work to hone, nurture, and value it – is an achievement just as brilliant as academic excellence.

According to a study conducted in the university of Toronto, Canada. The study conducted aimed to analyse whether an increased exposure to holistic learning would’ve helped students make better choices with regard to secondary schooling, higher education and career practising. Shockingly, a whooping 70% of students agreed that a better exposure to learning that encourages personal identity, connections to the community, and humanitarian values, talents and skills – would’ve enabled them to fully understand their options and make more responsible choices.

While the idea of a spotless academic track record is highly prioritised – it is important to acknowledge that ambition alone can not hasten the process of success; as the word in itself is subjective in nature. When you expand the horizons of learning, it inevitably expands the horizons of possibilities. The skills you nurture may come in handy in a completely separate pursuit – for example, a child gifted with the talent of sketching may not end up an artist – but can always apply his skills to the field of architecture, design, production, direction, and much more! This is just one example from a pile of infinite, Learning truly isn’t an ordeal that goes to waste – be it academic or beyond!

The emphasis put on curricular learning, in a day and age where children have the resources to pursue several interests thoroughly, feels like a waste of wonderful, thriving potential that needs to be provided instead; with acknowledgement and the means to strike a balance.

“The person born with a talent they are meant to use will find their greatest happiness in using it.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

While there is no cookie-cutter recipe to happiness, doing right by your abilities and access to the correct guidance and direction needed to honour your talents is without a doubt, a worthy step. Make sure that the process a=of educating and shaping our kids takes into account more than just their ability to memorise and strategize – and pushes them to live to their fullest potential, while polishing skills and values that make them wonderful people, alongside worthy achievers.


There is no right or wrong way to learn, just a compromised or bountiful way. The choice is as much ours as it is theirs! Take the first step towards their all-round development by simply prioritising it!

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