Have you ever wanted to write a book but didn’t know where to start? Are you a young writer who needs help in getting your book published? Here is a step by step guide to becoming a successful author and ways of getting your books published.


For all the aspiring writers out there, once you have finished writing your own book, the next big step is getting it published! LITKIDS Influencer Bhadra shares six major points to keep in mind if you want to become an author or want your book to hit the stands.


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Whether it is short stories you’re writing poetry or even an entire novel, the most important thing is to be regular with your work. You need to ensure that some portion of your work gets completed each day because dreams can only be achieved if pursued relentlessly and the same goes for writing.


Keep writing every day so that when it’s time to publish your book you have a lot of good stuff to choose from!




When you are writing a book, it’s for the readers and it is of utmost importance that they enjoy reading it. Sometimes it might so happen that what you think is amazing might not really appeal to a lot of people!


The solution is to get people around you – your family and friends to read it and tell you how they’ve taken it. That’s how you get feedback and become better as an author whose writings people enjoy.


Always value honest feedback, be it positive or negative because that’s what helps you mould yourself into a better author!




Most important part of the book is what lies within the covers. So make sure you think that out well before writing it. Always ensure that you read a lot of books before writing your own because truth be told, a good reader is a better writer. Also, you don’t need to use flowery language and long words to show what your writing truly means, it’s what you write that really matters!


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An editor’s role is to correct your work and make it better!

A good editor is someone who helps you refine your writing without changing it entirely.

Bhadra was very lucky to have her mentored it her book – The Solitary Blossom. She always told Bhadra where she could be better but left the final choice to her.


That’s the importance of having an editor who can help you become a better author without changing your work completely and make you feel as if all the individuality that you had in your writing is lost.




So we’ve all heard countless number of times that we mustn’t judge a book by its cover and that’s true but when you’re publishing your own book you need to ensure that what’s on the cover reflects what’s on the inside of the book!


Let’s take for instance The Solitary Blossom, the poetry in it is mostly about nature hence the lush forest and it is written from the perspective of a teenage girl and so she’s on the cover.

Also ensure that the title perfectly captures the true essence of your book. The Solitary Blossom is the name of a poem from the anthology and hence the title of the book.




The publisher is the most important part of the entire process. Well, the publisher and you the author!😊


You must identify a publisher who is capable of getting your book printed in perfect layout and without any flaws. They must also have a presence in the market, so that once your book is launched, people can get it easily and it is available on platforms like Amazon, Flipkart etc.


Preferably the publisher must be someone who generally deals with the same genre as the one in which your book is written and once all of that is done, your book is ready to hit the shelves!


List of publishers you can contact – Click here!


So those were some tried and tested tips to get your own book published! Congrats, and all the best for your book launch!




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The Solitary Blossom is a heart-rendering collection of poetry in a myriad range of topics penned by the 14-year-oldauthor Bhadra Panicker.


A voracious reader, and a student of DPS Indirapuram, she has been an active participant in Model United Nation forums in New Delhi and has always excelled in her academic pursuits.


Bhadra really enjoys spellings and words. She has been a national finalist of India’s largest spelling contest – Classmate Spell Bee hosted by Soha Ali Khan.


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A little bonus surprise for all readers!


Here’s Bhadra’s poem the solitary blossom which lent its name to the title of the anthology too. –


The Solitary Blossom –

The solitary blossom stood in full bloom

On hostile barren lands a little pop of view

So rarely seen in the tallness of day routine

It stands through sweltering days and freezing nights alike

Without a waiver in its profusing pride

Emanating from its aura of unbreakable strength

No one knows how it stood petals spread out wide

But perhaps like all good things it was

Tempered in the hostilities of nature

The negatives in life will come and go but the positives stay forever

And wash out all the hatred pain sadness

After all it’s all in your outlook


The Amazon link of the book: Click here


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