Emerging careers

Creativity is not limited to just a bunch of career options, instead it is widely applicable in
multiple lines of work. It is important to give your skills the deserved amount of attention
and enhancement in order to ensure that they can serve you in the future, no matter what
you choose to do.

  •  Content creators

Do you have a knack for putting on a show? Goofy performances? Entertaining guests?
Social media platforms offer heavily paying jobs to content creators who gain a following
through their unique personality and antiques. Not only does this allow a person to explore
their creativity but also gives them a chance to build a community of like-minded people,
further enabling them with the power to bring change and good into the world.

  • Beauty therapists

The beauty industry is booming and constantly growing with the times. Today, there is a
fight to create beauty standards that are healthy, inclusive and confidence boosting. Being a
beauty therapist includes styling, enhancing, guiding and bettering a client’s overall
appearance through your knowledge of colour schemes, current trends, creativity and work
ethic. Don’t let the dress-up parties go to waste, they might just be unlocked potential
strutting right in front of your eyes!

  • Content writers & media managers

With a steady increase in online marketing, there is an urgent need to cater to the audience
through ways that are fresh, up to date, and useful. Speaking and writing skills come in
extremely handy when dealing with and appealing to the masses. Reading, socialising,
Elocution skills are all the initial stages of the mastery of language and communication and
should be encouraged without hesitation.

  • Photography and digital editors

As a result of the world we live in today – most things are available to us through the
internet, making us aware of our virtual presence and the impact of it. Photography was
always an appreciated field of work, but in the tech age – it has become most crucial as
people rely on and regulate their online personas and reach quite heavily. Editing is an
extension of the photography world, and now a completely different ball game altogether.
There is a high demand for photo and video enhancement, effects, colour correction and

  •  Architecture & Interior design

Art is an evergreen skill to hone, and is widely applicable due to it’s versatility. Enhancing
your artistic skills is not only beneficial but quite literally career building, as developing your
own style is extremely crucial to flourishing in fields of design. The best way to honour your
abilities is to apply them in multiple walks of life, learning the origin and techniques of
different styles helps you discover and enhance your own.

  •  Music producer

The music industry is another immortal field of work. Music is inescapable and will always
be of use as it caters to one of our 5 primary senses. Music production has got to do with a
lot more than just making a song, it includes creating and curating musical content for
various advertising and marketing purposes, record labels, collaborating with multiple
artisans to birth best selling and super hit melodies, etc that bring you both success and
creative stimulation.

  •  Website designer

With every company/brand/personality eager to make an impactful online presence, a
website designer is now in extreme demand. In today’s world, the instant teller of

attractiveness and credibility is a virtual presence. It is easily accessible for the masses and
allows a common platform to showcase your potential, work and purpose. Unique and user
friendly layouts allow consumers to enjoy a website and deliver valuable feedback. All of
this is enabled by a website designer’s team and therefore is of utmost importance in
today’s day and age.

  • Event planner

Who doesn’t like a fun gathering? Be it a birthday, a wedding, a gala, or just a party – events
will never stop being important to communities. There is a lot that goes into making an
event successful, from chronology, to accommodation, to ambience – patience and
communication skills are a must-have for someone dabbling in this field of work. Having
social skills makes you approachable, trust worthy and reliable in terms of dealing with jobs
like putting together masterful events.

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