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LITKIDS is a platform for kids to explore the world of art, music & performance while celebrating the own creative expression. There are online courses for kids’ all round development and career building beyond academics. LITKIDS has specially designed talent courses, celebrity masterclasses and competitions enabling future prospects for talented kids. 

It brings together a community of talented kids who learn from the best, showcase their skills to the world & apply their talent to excel in life. The LITKIDS learning method is backed by original content that inspires, entertains and ignites passion in the learner to pursue their calling. 

Our Philosophy

We at LITKIDS believe that a child needs more than just academic excellence to lead a fulfilling life. With non-academic achievements steadily climbing priority lists – An adequate amount of exposure to a holistic learning environment, training and correct guidance can do wonders for a child’s budding future.


We aspire to offer a platform that provides practical means to switch the lens through which extra-curricular activities are viewed. If given the right counsel, a talent need never be given up on – but instead could be applied differently in multiple walks of life. Talent-based learning gives children an edge over the crowd and adds to their overall development – which in turn leads to a future that is worthwhile and rewarding. 

Holistic Education = Academics + Sports + Talent
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Note to Empowered Parents

Children have an ever-expanding sense of self that makes it easy for them to hop from one adventure to the next. In order to truly grow, learning must be versatile and include aspects beyond academics. This, is exactly where your push and support could do wonders!

We bring to you a safe space for your children to discover new interests and grow with like-minded peers. With everything from access to the best trainers, better usage of screen time, to showcasing their skills – this truly is a one-stop-shop to help you cater to the swiftly changing needs of your talented child. LITKIDS is a promising platform for children to take their potential seriously and indulge the joys of letting their talent lead them to happiness and success! 

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