LITKIDS Influencer & Open Mic Season 1 winner, Eshaan Shaikh shares singing tips for beginners & all aspiring young singers and tells us how you can work on your talent to move ahead in life.


Are you into singing? Want to become a musician or polish your singing skills for fun? Want to win competitions or talent hunts? You are at the right place!


The most popular misconception is that singing is a rare ability that only a few people possess. But the reality is that while some factors matter, some can naturally sing in tune, whereas others might simply require a longer process of learning. Singing is a skill which can be mastered through lots of practice and professional vocal training.


LITKIDS is a platform for kids to showcase their skills & talent to the world, to help aspirants learn&develop skills and for achievers to share their knowledge with others.For this article, we got our influencer, Eshaan Shaikh, to share some tips for beginners who are just starting out to sing and wish to pursue singing as a career.


You can also watch Eshaan’s video to hear him sing and share his tips and tricks to improve your vocal skills here!




Start singing from your diaphragm instead of your throat.If you sing from your throat you are putting immense strain on your vocal cords and you might damage them.So as far as possible try and sing from your diaphragm.The difference between singing from your diaphragm and your throat is that the diaphragm projects the voice more by pushing more air out and not putting strain on your throat.A good way to know if you are using the diaphragm is just put your hand on your stomach (the diaphragm is right under your lungs) and sing a note. You will notice that your hand goes inside.If you sing from your throat you will start feeling the pain after a while and you will not feel your diaphragm go in. So, try and sing from your diaphragms much as possible.




Tip number two would be to warm up and cool down after every singing session. This will help maintain your voice and not tire it a lot so that you can sing for longer periods of time. Warm up and cool down mostly consists of breathing exercises and singing exercises.

An amazingly simple exercise anyone can do at home is called a tongue drill or a lip roll. Another simple exercise is called the five-note scale. Basically, you just choose a scale and sing the first five notes of it and come back. Then you go on to the next scale. You just keep doing this until you reach your highest note and then you come back. That’s it!

More exercises can be found here.


Please do not use the wrong technique.If you are feeling any strain on your voice stop immediately and rest for some time. I highly recommend learning the exercises from a professional vocal coach because they will teach you what’s correct and what’s not.




Another tip would be to drink a lot of water so that your vocal cord is hydrated. Basic rule of thumb is for every 20 kilos of weight you have you drink 2 litres of water. Don’t overwork your voice or over strain your voice.Only practice for about 30 to 40 minutes maximum at a time. Beyond that you will start to put strain on your voice and you’ll get tired really quickly.Use the correct techniques while singing or if there is a high chance you may damage to your vocal cords.




If you can get a vocal teacher that is highly recommended.They will teach you how to sing and more importantly how not to sing so that you can take care of your vocal cords and have a great singing voice. Click here for vocal training tips and tricks shared by popular voice over artist and TV actor, Manini De.




It is okay to be nervous for the first few times but try to loosen up and try to enjoy the music because only if you enjoy the music will the audience enjoy with you.


Next is a little trick I picked up from my teacher. If you feel very nervous looking directly at people, then look above their heads. It gives the illusion that you are looking at them but you’re actually not so that helps with if you’re nervous.


Always warm up and cool down after each show or if you have songs in between a set and are going off stage often,do warm up and cool down then also because you will want your voice to be at its peak performance when you’re performing live.


Finally, be thoroughly prepared with your songs. You don’t want to forget them in the middle of the concert because that would be pretty awkward! Be thoroughly prepared with your songs and if you can,get a music stand and put lyric sheets in front of you when you’re performing so you can refer to them if you forget.




A few career options for singers would be playback singing, performing live with a band or individually,or recording music and posting it or distributing it on streaming platforms.


Playback singing is basically just singing for movies or TV shows or you could also be singing for jingles,advertisements, etc. You could perform live with a band or individually and you could perform at pubs, restaurants, events, etc.


You could also record your music and distribute it with a record label or you could also do it independently. You can distribute this on a streaming platform such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, etc.




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Eshaan Shaikh is 15 years old, lives in Mumbai and studies in the 10th grade. He has been learning music since he was 5 years old. He learns vocals and piano at Scattitude Academy of Music and guitar at The Guitar Thing.


Follow these techniques and take your first step towards singing like a pro. Record your videos and share with us on litkidsindia@gmail.com. Tune in to LITKIDS YouTube channel for fun contests that can provide you with a platform to hone your singing talent.


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