10 qualities you may not realise are strengths!

Your strengths help you put your best foot forward, and show up as the best version of yourself.
Think of the last time someone gave you a compliment…. Was it about an outfit? A performance?
Was it praise for a task well done? Regardless, it’s a great feeling to receive positive feedback for our
actions. Now imagine if you could give yourself such feedback every day, simply for being yourself.
Some of your worthy qualities may not be as obvious as the rest, the following list helps you
recognize and expand the list of good stuff that you’re made of.

  • Co-operation

To be cooperative is sometimes difficult, especially when you’re a part of a large team. If
you’re able to work with a group without getting defensive and bossy; you, my friend, are
truly team-spirited! It takes patience, and a good sense of self awareness to deal with a
difference in opinions. If everyone cooperates and pays more attention to the goal in sight, it
helps the bond between friends, colleagues and teams get stronger and better, leading to
improved performance. Being uncooperative may get you your way, but getting your way
through cooperation is a true skill, and a rare one at that. So if this sounds like you, kudos!

  •  Being a good listener.

Being a good listener is directly related to being more perceptive, which means, the more
you listen the better your understanding of different opinions, facts, and beliefs is. When
you’re trying to make your favourite dish from scratch, the best way to go about it is to
follow instructions – which is only possible through attentive, active listening. If you mistake
salt for sugar, your cookie might not turn out as delicious as you were expecting. It works
the same way with communication and learning, if you don’t listen enough to absorb
information, your actions may not turn out the way you expected them to!

  • Curiosity

A curious mind is one that’s having fun even when life is not as exciting. When you’re
curious about things, you discover the power of knowledge. Knowing things, learning them,
mastering them – is all birthed by the simple action of curiosity. Of wanting to know. It’s the
first step towards discovering what interests and inspires you, and what deserves your
attention. Have you heard of the phrase ‘curiosity killed the cat?’, it implies that too much
curiosity may have negative effects, but a healthy amount actually increases social
interactions, happiness, and intelligence. So, curiosity may have killed the cat, but a healthy
amount could’ve made her smarter!

  • Articulation (Speaking skills)

Articulation simply means communicating what you wish to say in a way that is clear and
sends the message across. While this may seem like an unimportant quality, it is almost a
superpower. In a country with countless languages, cultures and lingos – communicating can
actually be quite challenging! You will find that building on this skill helps people understand
you better, and count on you to deliver important messages across. It not only helps you
professionally but also in your personal life as the conversations we have with ourselves
matter most, and articulation helps you be honest and gain clarity both on the inside and on
the outside.

  • Creativity

Haven’t we all felt the excitement of creating something new? Something made by us that
requires time, patience, brains and skills? Ah! The joy of starting something new and waiting
for the turnout! We have all felt this emotion on large or mini levels. It could’ve been an
interesting class, a Youtube video, a cool kickflip you saw on tv! Whatever it is, once
interested, our creative bone tingles as if to whisper, “Hey, you like that? You should try it!”
Creativity is a bold, time consuming, and expressive part of being a human. On one hand, the
routines of daily life can pull you into a boring loop, but on the other, a sudden burst of
creativity can pull you right out of the funk and into a fresher headspace!

  •  Optimism & Growth Mindset

Being optimistic is often mistaken as always being happy, whereas it simply means knowing
in times of stress and defeat that better times are ahead. What is a growth mindset? It refers
to having the heart and enthusiasm to get better with time at everything you do. As you see,
it goes hand in hand with optimism. When we first start something, we may feel like we
want to instantly be great at it, but real talents need patience to become great. And in order
to give it time, an optimistic approach is necessary. The next time you feel frustrated with
the task at hand, try reminding yourself that the rainbow can’t shine without a little rain!

  • Taking responsibility

Being responsible is not limited to finishing your chores and homework, although that’s a
good way to enhance the quality. When you readily take on a responsibility, it means your
energy levels are healthy and active. Similarly, when you accept your mistakes and take
responsibility for them, you make sure to build trust and respect as you’re ensuring that
your pride does not get in the way of your progress! With great power comes great
responsibility, but with great responsibility comes the power of being trusted and looked up
to by friends and foes alike!

  • Empathy

Do you ever feel sadness for people, characters, animals and other beings even though you
have not caused or experienced their troubles? It’s because you’re an empath! Being
empathetic is rare, powerful, and important. When you feel for people apart from yourself,
you show kindness and the ability to be selfless. Why is it a strength, you ask? Because
above all else, beyond your skills and abilities, what matters most is being a good person.
Research suggests that people who are empathetic have an easier time making friends,
experience reduced stress levels, and what’s a better superpower than reducing the
negativity in the world and making it a better place?!

  • Strategic thinking

Strategy means a plan of action. When you plan something before taking the action, chances
are the end result is better as you have more clarity how to achieve your goal every step of
the way! It is an effective way to deal with challenges, if you plan something beforehand, the
challenge becomes easier as easier as you keep figuring out how to deal with it along the
way. This also enhances concentration levels and trains your mind to be sharper and quicker,
much like during a game of chess! Strategic thinkers often show qualities of calmness and
quick wit, performing much better under pressure.

  • Observation

Think of the last beautiful thing you saw. Was it a sunset? Your pet wagging it’s tail? A
glimpse of yourself in the mirror? Whatever it was, it helped you perceive the world better!
Observation skills help a person become more creative and artistic. Because we are all
different, our imaginations vary just as much. The best way to help your imagination skills is
to simply observe things and take notice of what attracts you, what you consider pleasing or
displeasing. People who are observant often make smarter decisions as they take their time
before reacting or responding to things! It also helps your reflexes, its time to let those
Spidey senses come through!

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